About Elizabeth & Lanier Shooting Sports

"My wife Marina had a wonderful time and has only raved about her experience. I really appreciate you spending quality time with her and instilling an enthusiasm for the sport. I have been tasked with finding her a shotgun and a shooting vest. While that may get a little expensive for me it will be well worth it to have my beautiful wife as a shooting companion! For that, I thank you!" Joel Hamilton

Women. Men. Kids. Seniors. We love to share the joy of shooting successfully with everyone. For us, it is not about scores and competition. It is about fun; it is about enjoying yourself. And no matter how many years you may have been shooting, there is nothing quite like the feeling of pulling the trigger and seeing the feathers fly or the clays die!

You do not need any special abilities. You do not need a fancy gun. All you need is someone who can translate all the typical mumbo jumbo about shooting methods, lead, focus, the mental game and more into simple, fluid, repeatable gun movements.


"I picked up my first shotgun 3 1/2 yrs ago... Elizabeth made me the shooter I am through patience, humor and the amazing perception to see, analyze and fix the problem at hand. It pleases me to say, because of Elizabeth's instruction, I am holding my own as a competitive tournament hunter. I am proud to be the Bird Dog Circuit, Lady Player of the Year, 2013." Marlene Sipes

At Lanier Shooting Sports, we know that shooting well is about teaching you to trust the eye/hand abilities you were born with - but you may have forgotten how to use! We help you remember those skills and use them to your advantage with shotguns.

Ok, sure, we admit it; shooting with success is a little addicting! Actually, a lot addicting. Don't be surprised if you let out a few uncontrolled whoops and hollers or break into the world-famous Lanier Shooting Sports "WooWoo" dance while you are here. But hey, it's perfectly legal and we won't tell!


"Elizabeth is more than a NSCA Level III Instructor, she's a shrink!! She gets the junk out of your head, and clearly shows you how to hit the targets. She's a one in a million teacher!" Barb Jump

Quite frankly, there is nothing as relaxing - or as empowering - as breaking clay after clay. That is the feeling LSS students know well. And that is our goal. We sharpen your shotgun skills to ensure you have that joy of success over and over again.